Successful Projects: Selective Catalytic Reformer (SCR)

IGS has completed a large number of successful projects in order to protect the SCR from build up, and prevent oxidation and scaling. The following projects delivered significant benefits to the facility.


Refractory Encapsulation Prevents Downstream Fouling

Downstream fouling caused by fraying refractory fiber over time has become a costly problem. With each turnaround, the cleaning costs amounted to over $500k with additional risks of millions lost due to substantial efficiency loss due to coils dusting.


SCR Fouling Solved; Production Derates Eliminated

Integrated Global Services (IGS) was contracted to provide a comprehensive system to eliminate the cost and efficiency
impacts of this fibrous material fouling the SCR. This solution was implemented in two stages: a plan for immediate relief and a long term system to eliminate future catalyst fouling altogether.


Hot Vacuuming Prevents Emergency Shutdown

The Plant was in danger of needing an emergency shutdown to clean their catalysts.

Hot-tek LanceScope inspection identified screen fouling. Cleaning of 200 catalysts was then performed online without interruption to production.