Preventive LPA Screens Maintenance

IGS is the Industry Expert on LPA Screens for SCR Reactors

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactors can experience build-up problems, which result in higher operational costs, lost generation revenue, and the expense of catalyst replacements. The build-up is caused by Large Particle Ash (LPA). The first and most crucial step for SCR cleanliness is to prevent LPA from ever reaching the reactor. 

IGS has developed an erosion-resistant LPA Screen that protects SCR reactors from LPA build-up. With decades of installation experience, our team responds rapidly, anywhere in the world. 

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What Problems does Catalyst Build-up Cause?

Large Particle Ash (LPA) is the primary root cause of ash build-up on the catalyst. This can result in: 

  • Pressure drop issues 
  • Exceeding emissions limits  
  • Increase in NOx  
  • Plant de-loading & unplanned outages 
  • Shortened catalyst life 
  • Once the LPA lodges into the catalyst, it is almost impossible to remove during offline cleaning.  

IGS understands that it is critical to prevent LPA from reaching the SCR in the first place. That’s why we have developed smart LPA screens to protect SCR reactors, maintain performance and deliver long-term cost savings. 

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Why Install IGS LPA Screens? 

Our technology has been developed by experts at the IGS Technology Research Center.  

The IGS Difference: 

  • Reliable, erosion-resistant material 
  • Extensive experience of LPA screen and SCR installations 
  • Two-stage coating system allows simple visual inspections and screen refurbishment capabilities. 
  • Custom build panels for any LPA screen system 
  • Online cleaning of LPA screens and system optimization 
Prevention is Better than Cure

Once the LPA screen has a breach, LPA is allowed to pass through and reach the SCR. Screen failures are often in the higher flow regions, increasing the likelihood that LPA is carried through. Although it is possible to catch screens before a complete breach, this requires full-screen access, detailed inspections, and preparedness for panel replacements on a frequent basis to be effective. Therefore, a proactive replacement or refurbishment program is often more cost-effective and user-friendly in the long run. 

At IGS, we understand the costly effects of neglecting to maintain mission-critical equipment.  If you notice a drop in the performance of any asset, it is likely that fouling, corrosion, or damage is occurring.  

We are experts in asset life integrity, developing patented technologies to prevent damage, fix any issues that do occur whilst the equipment is in operation, and clean and maintain assets during planned turnarounds.  

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How Does IGS Protect Screens from Erosion? 

An LPA screen is situated in an erosive environment; therefore, high-quality erosion-resistant material is essential to produce a long, reliable screen life. IGS LPA screen claddings have been successfully tested with physical erosion rate test experiments.  

The erosion resistance of a typical NoNOxTM cladding has been determined to be 40 times greater than that of carbon steel in the same application. IGS utilizes proprietary application procedures and equipment to provide quality protection to the external and interior surfaces of the hexagonal perforations. Due to the acceleration of the flue gas as it passes through the perforations of the screen material, the internal region is the most critical to protect. 

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The Complete SCR Cleaning System

Coal-fired SCR reactors have been suffering from build-up issues since entering the market. Although the severity of build-up problems can vary significantly between boilers, the causes of and solutions to build-up problems are remarkably predictable.  

IGS is the first company to combine various cleaning products to offer SCR owners a comprehensive solution. 

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