Newsroom - Aug 28, 2018

US Surface Technology Solutions Provider in Turkey

Now in Turkey: Integrated Global Services (IGS) is a global industry leader in the development and on-site application of emissivity coatings, and Metalspray® cladding mitigating corrosion and erosion problems in challenging operating environments. IGS specializes in serving a global customer base with on-site technical solutions. The company’s Technology Research Center in Richmond, Virginia partners with some of the largest energy companies in the world to understand and solve difficult metal wastage problems, improve operating efficiencies, improve coating and welding techniques, and evaluates material performance. See more at

IGS’s objective for this project was to identify a strong local partner to market the company’s products to the large potential market of industrial facilities and energy providers in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Assistance Provided

In September 2017, CS Richmond consulted with CS Ankara Senior Commercial Specialist Serdar Cetinkaya regarding IGS and was advised that the market did hold some promise for these product offerings.  At that point, CS Richmond and CS Ankara held a market assessment call with IGS management in October 2017 to discuss the client’s prospects for garnering interest in the Turkish market.

Following the market assessment, IGS engaged with CS Ankara to conduct an International Partner Search, which resulted in several Turkish firms expressing strong interest in representing IGS in the market.  Following the delivery of the final report, IGS staff visited Turkey in June 2018 and met with the final shortlisted Turkish firms.  CS Ankara was able to provide value-added support in the final stretch of these considerations by sharing additional insights and knowledge of the firms’ experience and viability. IGS partnered with ENPRO to be their selected representative in the region. ENPRO ( has been serving the power plant engineering and construction industry since 2003.

Description of Results

Due to the assistance provided by CS Anakara, the representation from ENPRO, and the deep knowledge and relationships in the energy sector held by Serdar Cetinkaya, IGS was afforded the opportunity to present their company to a range of qualified potential partners in Turkey and to receive market insights and guidance throughout the process.  This new foothold in Turkey builds upon previous CS support provided to IGS in the Czech Republic, which is the location of the IGS regional office that will also manage this new business in Turkey.

Impact – IGS serves many valued customers worldwide, including Europe and Middle East, providing metal coatings that increase service life of upstream and downstream vessels, coal boilers, as well as emissivity modifying coatings to improve efficiency of fired heaters. IGS evaluates market demands 3-4 projects per year, totaling ~$1 mln with ROI for the customers frequently being less than a year. Turkey and Azerbaijan lacked this kind of service which provides multi-million dollars operating savings for refineries and power plants.