Newsroom - Jun 3, 2020

Technology has Finally Caught up to Air Cannons.

Cleaning Cement Towers and Coolers has never been so easy.

At IGS, we are known for offering a variety of solutions to industrial problems. From preventing metal wastage with our proprietary HVTS cladding, to Fired Heater efficiency and maintenance services, to mechanical and environmental… We keep adding to this portfolio in order to deliver the quality and reliability synonymous with the IGS brand.

IGS has blasted into the air cannon market in 2011 with the goal to introduce new and improved cleaning. The IGS Big Blue Air cannons have become the new norm with fit-for-purpose innovative designs addressing the needs for better cleaning solutions by effectively removing blockage and buildup.

Recently introduced patent pending innovations, the MEGA Blast, Adjustable Force Air Cannon and, the Monster Nozzle are set to revolutionize cleaning in the cement industry and

    • Improve Production Levels
    • Eliminate Unscheduled Outages
    • Reduce Maintenance and Air Requirements
    • Eliminate High Pressure Water Washing and
    • Improve Refractory Life
    • Increase accessibility for maintenance and other tasks

Adjustable Force Air Cannon

Jeff Shelton, the creative mind behind IGS Environmental, said: “Right now, all air cannons have one thing in common. They blast each time at 100% of their capability. This is regardless of the power that is needed to perform the best cleaning. Buildup will react differently to the force it is struck with. Too high a force and you clean only the area of the air blast. This leads to swiss cheese buildup and not what the plant wants or needs. Striking this buildup with a lower force results in knocking the buildup down in chucks and doubling the cleaning area – a much more favorable result.”

IGS is proud to introduce the Adjustable Force Air Cannon. This air cannon is the only one in the world designed to adjust the cleaning force to match the requirements for the best possible cleaning. The key is to design an air cannon with a significant increase in cleaning force. Enough cleaning force so that the maximum cleaning force is not required. Cleaning is possible with only 25% of the force.

MEGA Blast

In the environment that air cannons are installed in, the process changes will affect the buildup. Changing buildup affects the performance of the air cannons. Sometimes the buildup may become too difficult for the air cannon to handle or the air cannon will be out of service and allows the buildup to become stronger than the air cannon blast. Jeff Shelton has commented: “This is why IGS has developed the MEGA Blast. We have discovered the path to increasing the cleaning of your air cannon blast by up to 5 times. We can train your personnel on how this can be accomplished using a simple and safe method. Let your air cannons control the buildup on a daily basis and when trouble needs to be controlled, call in the MEGA Blast. In less than one hour the MEGA Blast will blast away the toughest blockage.”

The MEGA Blast has recently been tested side-by-side with a standard air cannon. The difference was recorded to be by a factor of plus two times.

IGS Big Blue Air cannons MEGA BLAST applied in the cement industry

Advantages of the MEGA Blast are as follows:

  1. Eliminate unscheduled plant stops
  2. Eliminate high-pressure water blasting – represents a labor saving plus improved safety
  3. Eliminate the need to purchase additional cleaning equipment such as air cannons

Monster Nozzle

The Monster Nozzle is designed to be operated with the Biggest of the Big Blue Air Cannon and will clean a greater area than two Industry standard fan jet nozzles. The Monster nozzle, when applied with the IGS Multiplier, can replace as many as 8 air cannons and nozzles with only one cannon and 4 nozzles. Total cost is almost 50% less but with improved performance.

IGS Big Blue Air cannons MONSTER NOZZLE applied in the cement industry FAN JET NOZZLES applied in the cement industry



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