Newsroom - Jul 23, 2020

Sharing Knowledge and Experience in Boiler Reliability

Having serviced boilers for over 30 years, IGS has accumulated a wide-ranging experience in their erosion and corrosion mitigation. Here we present a selection of case studies, illustrating the risks and rewards associated with different maintenance practices.

1. Reducing Boiler Tube Repairs from 500 to 0

CFB Boiler burning coal and biomass – View Case Study

2. Unexpected Corrosion in a CFB Boiler

Corrosion and erosion mechanisms were both major contributors to tube wastage in this biomass CFB Boiler, burning waste/biomass. A customized cladding was needed together with a bespoke maintenance strategy. See more.

3. Resolving Boiler Alloy Cladding Degradation

Shop applied Alloy 625 weld overlay was showing signs of premature accelerated degradation. Several solutions were considered to manage the boiler tube metal wastage and improve reliability and lifetime of the water walls, including replacement, field applied weld overlay and thermal spray. See more.

4. Speed of Application – a Deciding Factor

In summer 2014 corrosion was identified on the unprotected boiler tubes, above the weld overlay section. New panels were installed to replace corroded sections, needing cost-effective protection, which would also be faster to apply than weld overlay. Read more.

5. EPRI Study for PC-Fired Boiler

In the mid-2000s, a US power utility owner and EPRI performed a long-term study to determine if thermal spray technology would protect the sidewall tubes (adjacent to burner levels) from thinning caused by reduced sulfidizing atmospheres. See more.

6. Preventing Pressure Part Replacement

Our capability to quickly mobilize our applications team and equipment, coupled with extensive experience, enable us to exceed client expectations in terms of shutdown schedules and solution reliability. See more.

7. PC-Fired Boiler Rapid Response

Wastage was discovered on both sidewalls above the existing field applied overlay, rear wall slope and burners, and front wall slope and burners. The type of damage is typical for opposed wall fired pulverized coal boilers operating in a reducing atmosphere with low NOx burners. See more.

Can we help improve your boiler reliability?

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