Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services for Coal and Biomass Burning Boilers

Pulverized boilers, grate fired boilers, and circulating fluidized bed boilers burning coal and biomass represent 35% of generating capacity in the United States. There has been a concentrated effort to extend the outage cycles in pulverized boilers from one year to three years, and in circulating fluidized bed boilers from six months to eighteen months for maximum capacity and revenue. Because of reduced outages, the boilers must be able to run longer between outages. Therefore, the mechanical work during each outage must be performed efficiently and with quality to eliminate the risk of premature failures and unplanned outages.

IGS has vast experience in terms of our mechanical services in pulverized coal, circulating fluidized bed, and grate fired boilers in the United States both in the pulp and paper and power industries. We understand the difference in providing technical expertise for long term solutions to improve boiler capacity and efficiency, and not just offering a contractor’s repair mentality. We understand the dynamics of working in an outage, where every minute saved means less opportunity costs to the owner. We operate in strict compliance with ASME Section VIII and IX, our stringent Quality Control plan, and customer specific requirements.

We provide welding per our MIG, TIG, GMAW, and SMAW weld procedures. Our mechanical field service division is non-union, which provides a more efficient and lower cost model for our customers. Furthermore, to support our mechanical services, IGS can provide refractory services to eliminate the need for multiple contractors on site.

IGS Mechanical Service Experience

IGS has 150 project managers, superintendents, foreman, safety managers, certified welders, mechanics and support labor to support our mechanical projects in the United States. Significant investment has been made in equipment to support our mechanical efforts. Our site management has experience working in Alstom, Pyropower, B&W, and Valmet boilers, primarily in providing mechanical services after startup. This experience allows IGS to recommend improvements in materials and specifications for improved operational performance.



  • Panel replacement
  • Tube replacement
  • Tube shield installation
  • Pad welding and grinding
  • Bed nozzle replacement
  • Vortex finder replacement
  • Loop Seal replacement
  • Expansion joint repair or replacement
  • Nozzle replacement
  • Soot Blower replacement
  • Superheater and economizer tube replacement
Backend Equipment
  • Airheater seal and basket replacement
  • Catalyst replacement
  • Installation of LPA and Secondary Screens for catalyst protection
  • Installation of Air Cannons
  • SDA mechanical repair (i.e. shell repair, replace spray nozzles)
  • SDA lining (wallpapering)
  • Ductwork repair
Balance of Plant
  • Valve replacement
  • Conveyor repairs
  • PA and FD Fan ductwork

Solutions for Boiler Repair

Over the past decade, we have leveraged our mechanical experience and knowledge to develop a customer focused team for commercial ease of use, with an onsite project manager coordinating communications and scheduling, and with reliable and predictable performance in terms of budgets and schedules. IGS is a certified NBIC R Stamp company which allows us to perform code welding, and are experienced in hoisting and rigging. Customers who view reliability and dependability of their boilers as mission critical to their revenue generation should contact IGS for maximum boiler reliability.

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