Dew Point Corrosion Protection

Robust wear and corrosion protection in low and high temperature service where organic and inorganic coatings fall short.

Dew Point Corrosion Protection

IGS MRP is a highly corrosion resistant proprietary high alloy cladding-based system suited for protecting from dew point corrosion in a broad spectrum of hot corrosion environments. This cost-efficient system is particularly resistant to low pH conditions with halide ions, such as chlorine and bromine, that promote localized pitting corrosion. It is also suitable for the mitigation of dew point sulfuric acid corrosion. With a high Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (PREN), and high adhesion strength, the metal alloy forms a defect-free protective surface with high mechanical
strength. Although highly corrosion resistant, it has a temperature ceiling of 180-190oC (350-375oF) depending on process chemistry

Proven Experience

IGS have protected mission-critical process equipment against corrosion and wear damage for over 20 years. IGS has successfully provided over 400,000 m2 of surface protection across more than 3,000 projects in over 30 countries on 6 continents.

Customer Focus

IGS’ relentless pursuit of quality and reliability has positioned us as the preferred and most trusted mission-critical asset protection provider to the top energy, power and industrial process industries globally. IGS MRP has been deployed for protection ducts and tanks. It has been exposed to high concentrations of halide ions and tested under submersed salt deposits and in ammonia service. It has H2S, H2SO4, and SO2 protective properties, specific exposure tests may be provided as required.

Quality, Safety and Reliability

Fully trained and certified in-house personnel provide turnkey installations, operating under robust HSE and QMS programs, providing our customers with the safest and most reliable surface protection service available. Our customers attest that our safety-first culture noticeably sets IGS apart from most industrial contractors.

Over 400,000 m2 of surface protection across more than 3,000 projects.


1. Cost-Effective Robust Protection

IGS MRP system leverages 20-plus years of metal cladding and polymer applications experience to provide a surface protection solution that is significantly more robust and reliable than traditional organic and inorganic coatings, at a fraction of the price of metallic cladding solutions such as metal weld overlay and IGS HVTS alloy cladding solutions, delivering a barrier against low- and high-temperature corrosive media, including H2SO4, HCl, H2S and other corrosive and abrasive compounds.

2. Minimized Turnaround Schedules

IGS installs the MRP system in-situ, reducing the critical path, and enabling a prompt return to service in less than 12-hours from application. Resistance against steam-out and mechanical damage, as well as easily refurbishable characteristics shortens outage schedules.

3. Lasting Protection where Alternatives Fall Short

As compared with traditional organic and inorganic coatings, IGS MRP delivers mechanically and chemically robust protection that resists operational and maintenance degradation lending it to longer life, less inspection and maintenance time and cost, and shorter turnaround schedules.



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