Newsroom - Jun 16, 2023

IGS Recognized as Top Performer in Work Efficiency Analysis

IGS team work efficiency analysis

IGS Leads Work Efficiency Analysis for 2022 TAR

A multinational oil & gas operating consortium responsible for the operation of a major oil field in Asia, has acknowledged the outstanding performance of Integrated Global Services (IGS) in a recent work efficiency analysis of 15,000 contractor employees on site for the turnaround (TAR). This evaluation assesses the productivity of subcontractors during their shifts, measuring the actual working time after accounting for breaks and lunch hours.

An Impressive Efficiency Rating

During a meeting with a representative from the oil company, it was revealed that IGS emerged as the top performer in the 2022 TAR project. Although the exact figure was not disclosed, IGS achieved an impressive efficiency rating of approximately 80%, a remarkable accomplishment within the industry.  For comparison, the general mechanical contractor achieved an efficiency rating in the 40% range, not atypical for such a large complex turnaround.

Maximizing Productivity

This achievement reflects IGS’ unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and optimizing work processes. By consistently maximizing productivity, IGS has demonstrated its ability to efficiently carry out tasks and contribute significantly to the success of the plant’s operations.

Substantial Scope of Work

IGS undertook a substantial scope of work, covering approximately 4,500 square meters across 12 vessels within two 14-day turnaround windows. The project required the mobilization of 160 personnel from diverse backgrounds, including Central Asia, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. This international team brought together a wealth of expertise and contributed to the successful execution of the project.

Consolidating a Demanding Schedule

Despite facing challenges during the TAR, such as a 10-day standby period due to delayed equipment delivery from the client, IGS effectively managed to consolidate an already demanding schedule. The company’s ability to adapt and overcome such obstacles further demonstrates their resilience and commitment to meeting project objectives.

“This recognition is a testament to the dedication and collective efforts of our multinational team,” said Dan Campbell, VP – EMEA, Global O&G at IGS. “We are immensely proud of their commitment and professionalism, which played a vital role in achieving exceptional efficiency.”

Expertise and Effectiveness

IGS’ exceptional performance in the work efficiency analysis, combined with the successful completion of a challenging scope of work across multiple pressure vessels, highlights their expertise and effectiveness in the oil and gas industry.

As IGS continues to prioritize operational excellence and superior performance, their ability to adapt to dynamic project conditions positions them as a reliable partner for future endeavors.