Newsroom - Apr 4, 2024

Webinar – Robotic Solution for Pipeline Corrosion

Finger Slug Catcher Corrosion Protection w Metalspray Pipe ID Rover Cladding

Upcoming Webinar

Join us for a webinar to find out how a field-applied Metalspray PipeID Rover can protect pipeline sections and weld seams from corrosion.

Date: Wednesday, April 24th 2024

Time: 11AM BST / 6AM EST

Duration: 20 minutes followed by Q&A

Webinar Agenda

In this webinar, Rohit Kardile, Adam Stephenson and Derek Sumsion will discuss the problem areas IGS customers experience in the field within finger slug catchers, wet gas pipeline and flare lines and explain how the patent-pending Metalspray PipeID rover helps mitigate these concerns.


Rohit Kardile

Corrosion Mitigation Specialist

Rohit specializes in efficiency and reliability projects in the Middle East with broad experience in corrosion mitigation solutions and techniques.

Adam Stephenson

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Adam designs and develops automation and robotic systems designed to clean surfaces and deposit protective cladding systems.

Derek Sumsion

Research and Development Manager

Derek Sumsion leads R&D teams to create, design and deploy robotic and automation solutions for industrial maintenance challenges.

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