Newsroom - Mar 4, 2014

IGS Mechanical Group Replaces Air Preheater Baskets, Seals, and SCR Catalyst Modules

Recently, IGS’s non-union Mechanical group performed a change-out of the boiler air preheater baskets and the top layer of SCR catalyst at a coal-fired power plant. The company rotated the air preheater, replaced 96 hot end baskets, 144 cold end baskets, and radial seals in a Ljungstrom 26.5 – V152 air preheater. Two 10 man crews were utilized for this project, working two shifts per day, and at the 64 foot elevation. Concurrently, IGS replaced the top 36 module layer of Babcock Hitachi SCR catalyst. The modules weighed 2,700 lbs with dimensions of 6’2” x 3’1” x 4’7”.

All work was performed at the 94 foot elevation by two 8 man crews working two shifts per day. IGS employed a dedicated safety manager for each shift. The plant’s engineering manager commented: “All of the work was done in a safe and environmentally sound manner. The SCR catalyst work was accomplished in record time, requiring only six days of around-the-clock effort (versus previous timeframes of at least ten days). We highly recommend IGS for this type of hoisting and rigging work, and we hope to have them return in the near future.