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How to Cut Emissions & Fuel + Increase Capacity in Fired Heaters

Dis you know that Fired Heaters have the greatest running cost on your site. If any one of these heaters is 1 or 2% inefficient it can consume an additional $1m in fuel over a year or result in $millions in lost revenue.

A well-maintained Fired Heater will experience:

  • Maximum operation efficiency
  • Increased capacity
  • Reduced fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Lower emissions: NOx by up to 30% & CO2 by up to 20%
  • Prevent unplanned shutdowns

How we Increased CFB Boiler Reliability: Case Study

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Road to Reliability: The True Cost of Corrosion Barrier Technologies

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WEBINAR | On-Site Corrosion Mitigation in O&G Process Equipment Using IGS High Velocity Thermal Spray Technology

Learn how to mitigate corrosion in process vessels, towers and columns. This webinar is organised in collaboration with Nace Egypt AMPP: Association for Materials Protection and Performance and presented by Colin BatemanMohamed Elgamal, and Mohamed AlAhwani at 2pm Cairo time