Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Reduce Downtime and Maximize Profitability with Tube Tech’s Heat Exchanger Cleaning Service

Tube Tech guarantees to remove 90%+ fouling from the shell and tube side of heat exchangers. Our engineered technologies allow us to tackle any substance or severity of fouling. We work with refineries, chemical, manufacturing, and processing facilities around the world to reduce downtime, maximize profit, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Tube Tech Specializes in Cleaning:

Twisted Tube Heat Exchangers

U-Tube (Hairpin) Heat Exchangers

Texas Tower (VCFE) Exchangers


Twisted Tube Heat Exchangers

TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchangers by Koch Heat Transfer offer more efficient and reliable performance results than some traditional shell and tube heat exchangers. The unique twisted design provides an increase in heat transfer surface area and as such is favored for more challenging heat exchange processes like hot crude oil versus viscous hot vacuum residue, for example.

The Challenge – Heat Exchanger Fouling

Whilst TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchangers typically have a 40% higher heat transfer coefficient, fouling can still accumulate in ‘cleaning lanes’ on the shell side. If fouling builds up, the exchanger can become very difficult to clean.

The Solution – Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Tube Tech has developed a technology specifically to clean TWISTED TUBE® Heat Exchangers. It works by cleaning the full length of the cleaning channels and penetrating precisely to remove any scale or blockages no matter where they are within the bundle.

Case study: Twisted Tube Heat Exchanger by Koch Heat Transfer: Shell and Tube Side Cleaning – South Africa


We were really impressed with Tube Tech’s performance and how clean the bundles are – the cleanest we have seen them since installation in 2008!

Process Engineer

U-Tube (Hairpin) Heat Exchangers

One of the most common heat exchangers in refineries and processing facilities is the straight or U-Tube hairpin shell and tube exchanger. These types of exchangers are popular as they maximize tube surface and heat exchange in a confined space and the bundle is easily removed for cleaning.

The Problem – Blocked Heat Exchanger

This type of heat exchanger commonly suffers from fouling build-up. Taking several exchangers offline can cost your facility hundreds of thousands of dollars in production downtime and traditional methods often fail to remove tenacious fouling.

How Can We Help?

Tube Tech’s engineered heat exchanger cleaning service gets your facility back up and running quickly with minimal disruption to processes. Our smart technology penetrates deep between tube rows to guarantee 90%+ clean, regardless of the type or severity of fouling.

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