Texas Tower (VCFE) Cleaning

Restoring Texas Tower (VCFE) Performance through smart cleaning and unblocking services

Tube Tech’s Texas Tower (Vertical Combined Feed Exchanger) cleaning service combines more than 30 years of experience with patented technologies to deliver a reliable turnkey solution.

Common cleaning challenges include fouling location, asset accessibility, unknown deposit materials, safety, and costs. When taking equipment offline it is essential to conduct cleaning quickly, and safely, and use techniques which deliver maximum results. Tube Tech has extensive experience in cleaning texas towers at processing facilities worldwide.


We have used local and international contractors before, but with mixed results. Since using Tube Tech to clean the VCFEs, for the first time since the refinery was commissioned, the Texas Towers on the CCR Platformer are giving us near-to-original efficiency and productivity.

Senior Shutdown Manager

Middle Eastern Refinery

What is a Texas Tower (VCFE)?

Texas Towers are shell and tube heat exchangers which are used as heat recovery units and placed around reactors in petrochemical plants. As the stream being heated feeds into the reactor from which the hot stream flows, these assets are also known as Vertical Combined Feed/Effluent Exchangers.




Why Should Texas Towers (VCFEs) be Cleaned?

All heat exchangers, including texas towers or VCFEs, need to be cleaned as often as necessary to avoid production losses and unplanned outages.

Although texas towers require less frequent cleaning than other types of heat exchangers, it is imperative that a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule is in place to ensure that performance and capacity remain constant.



How Often Should Texas Towers be Cleaned?

Texas Towers are designed to be relatively ‘clean’ exchangers. This means that they can often go 7-10 years without being cleaned and not experience a drop in performance. However, performance deterioration can be a gradual process which eventually leads to real problems.

We would recommend cleaning texas towers/ VCFEs once every 7 years to prevent a drop in performance with its associated economic impact.




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