H2S and CO2 Gas Vessels 10+ Years in Service

Commercial Impact of the Project

 Increased life of mission-critical equipment, reduced maintenance/inspection costs, and safe reliable operation delivered tremendous value to the Qatar gas plant. IGS acts as the asset integrity partner for the plant with more than 10 years of proven performance.


The Qatar gas plant produces and supplies natural gas and other hydrocarbon products from the Qatar North Field. The company’s onshore plant is located on the Qatari coast off the Arabian Gulf at Ras Laffan, about 80 km from the capital Doha and has a total capacity of 2,600 MMSCFD of reservoir fluid. The plant operates gas processing equipment that was suffering from severe pitting at the carbon steel shell, exposed to process gas rich in H2S, and CO2.


IGS has partnered with this Qatar company since 2011 and successfully prevented metal degradation in all their gas processing equipment, including AGR amine absorber columns, AGR amine stripper columns, fiber film contractors, flare KO drums, DSO gravity separators, and mercaptan vessels.

IGS provides a robust integrity solution in both very high and low PH exposure conditions. During the January 2023 inspection, years after the HVTS (High Velocity Thermal Spray) application, protected vessels were found to be in excellent condition.

    IGS inspection at Dolphin gas processing vessels IGS inspection at Dolphin gas processing vessels

Image: IGS Inspection Gas Processing Vessels in 2023.


Thermal spray

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