Newsroom - Jan 25, 2024

IGS Announces Strategic Partnership with Monar Industrial Services at Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference

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[Port of Spain, 25 January 2024] — In a significant development unveiled at the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference, Integrated Global Services (IGS), a global leader in efficiency and reliability solutions, proudly announced its official partnership with Monar Industrial Services.

The strategic collaboration with Monar Industrial Services marks a crucial milestone for IGS as it extends its reach into the Trinidadian market. This partnership is designed to provide local support, enhance accessibility, and facilitate the seamless execution of full turnkey projects, thereby offering a comprehensive suite of services to the energy and chemical sector asset owners across Trinidad.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Local Support and Expertise

Monar Industrial Services, a well-established entity with a deep understanding of the local industrial landscape, will offer valuable on-the-ground support. This local expertise ensures that IGS can tailor its solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by plants in Trinidad and Tobago.

Full Turnkey Projects

The partnership enables IGS to undertake full turnkey projects in Trinidad, providing end-to-end solutions across its entire range of services. From initial assessment and planning to the execution of complex industrial maintenance projects, clients in Trinidad can now benefit from a comprehensive suite of offerings.

Enhanced Service Portfolio

With Monar Industrial Services as a trusted local partner, IGS will be better positioned to offer a diverse range of services, including corrosion protection, furnace efficiency, hot spot repair, and other cutting-edge technologies. This expanded service portfolio ensures that clients have access to the latest advancements in industrial maintenance.

Regional Impact

The collaboration reflects IGS’s commitment to making a positive impact on the regional energy sector. By combining global expertise with local insights, the partnership aims to contribute to the growth and sustainability of Trinidad and Tobago’s energy industry.

Companies in Trinidad seeking IGS solutions will have the flexibility to contract directly with IGS, supported by Monar Industrial Services, or procure IGS services through Monar.

Speaking about the partnership, Christian Chanel, Furnace Efficiency Specialist at IGS, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Monar Industrial Services:

“This partnership signifies our dedication to delivering high-quality industrial maintenance solutions to Trinidad and Tobago. By joining forces with Monar, we are confident in our ability to provide unmatched support and execute turnkey projects that exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Mr. Seereeram Deonath, Managing Director at Monar Industrial Services(Caribbean) Limited, said:

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with IGS and look forward to working in conjunction with them to follow through with projects on the island using their technology driven solution.”

The announcement at the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference sets the stage for a new era of collaboration and growth, positioning IGS and Monar Industrial Services as leaders in advancing industrial maintenance practices in the region.