Pyrometallurgical Furnaces

The Furnace Slagging Problem

Pyrometallurgical furnaces are a crucial asset for all metals and mining processing facilities. The furnace processes raw materials into products of value at temperatures of up to 1500°C or more.

Materials in a molten state will separate into two or more immiscible liquid phases due to differences in chemical composition. The first phase is known as slag, which contains primarily metal oxides and is generally the least dense of the liquid phases.

Expansion and foaming of the slag layer occur during furnace operation and happen as a result of the injection or generation of gases in the molten bath. Uncontrolled furnace slag foaming can cause damage to the internal materials of the furnace interior or, in extreme cases, catastrophic failure.


Furnace Slag Mitigation

IGS HVTS cladding has been successfully used over the past decade to provide protection for pyrometallurgical furnaces in the mining and mineral processing industries. Our cladding minimizes failures and repairs caused by corrosion-erosion metal wastage in these critical assets.

IGS High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) cladding is ideal for protecting against the high-temperature corrosion and erosion environment in the Mining & Mineral processing industry. Our bespoke high alloy, together with unique structurally densifying chemistry, provides a practically impermeable inert alloy cladding, with high bond strength.

IGS HVTS cladding eliminates metal wastage, limiting production losses due to unplanned downtime. The composite system is also effective in inhibiting heavy slag adhesion.

The Benefits of Slag-Shedding Coatings for Furnaces

  • Mitigates slag build-up
  • Extends asset life
  • Minimizes failures and repairs

Eliminate Pyrometallurgical Furnace Corrosion

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