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Catalytic Reformer Heaters (CRU)

Of the fired heaters operating in an oil refinery, or aromatics facility, the Catalytic reformer (CRU) heaters are subject to one of the highest operating temperatures and radiant heat flux.

Oxidation Resistance of Catalytic Reformer Heater Tubes

Perevent Scaling of CRU Fired Heater Tubes
Scaled Tubes

A consequence of the more severe processing conditions is that the steel alloy radiant tubes oxidize more rapidly. Typically, ASTM A335-P22, P5 or P9 specification pipes are used with 2.25%, 5% or 9% chrome content respectively. The more chrome, the better oxidation resistance and higher continuous use temperature limit. However, even the 9% chrome tubes are subject to oxidation and continuing scale growth after a year or so in service.

The scale can grow to significant thicknesses with time. Frequently it is enough to insulate the outer tube surfaces and inhibit conductive heat transfer to the process fluid. Increasing the firing rate to overcome the insulating effect of the scale soon leads to limitations in flue gas temperature (bridgewall temperature). The only recourse in this case is to reduce charge rate.

Cetek Ceramic Coatings for CRU Heaters

Cetek services of the application of Ceramic Coatings for Process Tubes effectively stop oxidation and prevent scale growth. After the coating, there is no loss in radiant efficiency and the heaters will operate as new for the life of the coating. Additionally, our services of the application of High Emissivity Ceramic Coatings for Refractory Surfaces  provide an improvement in radiant heat transfer over design. Our customers report fast Return on Investment and huge IRR. Reduction of NOx and CO2 emission is an additional benefit of Cetek ceramic coatings.

As a division of Integrated Global Services, Inc, Cetek provides ceramic coating services for CRU heaters on-site in all parts of the world. Call us or contact on-line to talk to our experts and evaluate possible benefits.

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