Newsroom - Jul 13, 2022

HVTS vs. Conventional Thermal Spray Coating

A gas plant in the Middle East faced internal corrosion in its amine process columns. In 2015, they chose IGS HVTS, a high-performance thermal spray solution, to protect two columns. For six additional columns in 2016, a local thermal spray contractor using conventional low velocity thermal spray was selected based on cost.

Inspections conducted in subsequent years revealed a stark contrast. The IGS HVTS columns remained in excellent condition with no corrosion, while the low velocity thermal spray-coated columns suffered cladding breakdown and substrate corrosion. Ignoring this could lead to costly unplanned shutdowns.

The key to the performance difference lies in material modification and application methodology. IGS HVTS employs alloys designed for thermal spray, while the low velocity system uses unsuitable standard welding alloys. IGS HVTS also utilizes high velocity application technology, producing dense, crack-free cladding. In contrast, the low velocity system creates coatings with open microstructures prone to premature failure.

The superior performance of IGS HVTS can be attributed to its advanced material modification and application methodology. The alloys used in IGS HVTS are specifically designed for thermal spray, ensuring optimal corrosion resistance and durability. In contrast, the low velocity system relies on standard welding alloys that are not well-suited for this application, leading to subpar results.

Furthermore, the high velocity application technology employed by IGS HVTS plays a crucial role in the success of the coating. The high velocity process generates dense and crack-free cladding, which forms a strong barrier against corrosion. On the other hand, the low velocity system produces coatings with open microstructures that are susceptible to premature failure. This fundamental difference in application methodology further reinforces the long-term effectiveness of IGS HVTS in protecting the columns.

Dennis Snijders, Sr. Regional Director at IGS, emphasizes the long-term cost of short-term savings. IGS HVTS has successfully prevented degradation and saved the client money since 2015. The lesson is clear: choosing a high-quality, long-lasting solution like IGS HVTS outweighs the initial cost savings of conventional thermal spray coating.

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