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Hot Tube Descaling (HTD)

Is your radiant section hitting design limits, such as Bridge Wall Temperature (BWT)? Are there several years until the next scheduled shut down?

This can be a symptom of excessive fouling of the radiant tubes. The steel alloy tubes typically used in fired heaters oxidize under operating conditions and layers of scale can grow to a degree that it insulates the tube from the radiant heat.

Cetek’s patented Hot Tube Descaling Process (HTD) removes radiant section process tube scale & fouling during furnace operation. The HTD process uses unique water-cooled lances which ensure continuous scale removal and maximum cleaning while the heater continues to function normally. The process utilizes consumable abrasive media resulting in no increase in emissions.

In some applications, Cetek’s LancescopeTM system is used to see hard to reach areas. Cetek also has the capability to safely create engineered access ports that can be used to facilitate the HTD process.

Typical results of the HTD process include bridgewall temperature reduction of 50°F (10°C) to 100°F (38°C) and rapid payback from using this service.

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