Hot-tek Online Services

Hot-tek™ Online Services

We have developed and introduced a wide range of online (while the heater is operating) Hot-tek™ Services over the last three decades, targeted at high-temperature production furnaces and heaters. Each project is approached with the utmost safety in mind, ensuring that none of the people or equipment are compromised during the execution of the Hot-tek™ Services. Evaluation and engineering phases of each Hot-tek™ project determine the best operational approach and parameters will be set to achieve an optimal outcome, typically with no downtime or rate reduction.

Hot-tek™ is the industry leader in hot maintenance and online furnace repair techniques and holds multiple patents on the approaches, methods, and tools used to carry out these services. It allows us to customize our approach for every client’s needs. Often, multiple Hot-tek™ Services are employed during an application to achieve the best result, with the most convenience for the client.



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