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Integrated Global Services, Inc. (IGS) is an international provider of surface protection solutions with Middle East Branches in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, UAE and Oman. We have over 30 years of experience helping customers solve metal wastage and reliability problems in mission-critical equipment.

Watch Dennis Snijders, IGS MENA Director, talk about our experience in the Middle East.

Solve Efficiency and Reliability Issues on Site

IGS is recognised worldwide for its expertise to solve metal wastage issues on site, in situ, while on the critical path of a turnaround. The company has the versatility and experience to engage with reliability, inspection, and maintenance teams to engineer complex metallurgical solutions.

IGS Middle East team - Integrated Global Services in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Egypt


IGS State-of-the-Art Laboratory

Our laboratory in Richmond, Virginia performs advanced diagnostics, simulation, and failure analysis testing on the substrate’s reaction to the current operating environment, erosion media, corrosion factors and the proposed metallurgical solution. Customers are invited to visit the laboratory.

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IGS is recognised worldwide for its expertise to solve metal wastage issues in mission-critical industrial equipment. Our cladding solutions protect equipment that is subject to an environment causing erosion, corrosion, hydrogen sulphide cracking, stress corrosion cracking, or other material degradation resulting from temperature, pressure, media, or feedstock chemistry.

IGS offers industry-specific solutions to many of the environments causing critical internal surfaces of equipment to degrade and fail, including:

Results are Measured, Documented, and Monitored

IGS maintains detailed records of all applications and inspections. Records include quality and completion documentation, initial inspection reports and all cladding thickness maps. Reports are delivered after every project and these records are always available on-demand to monitor the condition of the cladding and to provide critical information for shutdown and maintenance planning and preparation.


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IGS is here to provide information, answer questions and create an effective solution for your needs.

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IGS Saudi Arabia

Al Rashid Towers, 2nd Floor, Dhahran Road, Ulaya, Al Khobar, 3206, ulaya 34448, Saudi Arabia

Al Muhannad Al Johani [email protected]

IGS Qatar

UDC Tower, 27th Floor, The Pearl, Qatar

Rohit Kardile [email protected]


Sama Townhouses 258, Town Square Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dennis Snijders [email protected]

IGS Oman

Shyam Barshikar [email protected]


IGS Egypt

Administrative Building No. 5, Zizinia Resort, New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Mohamed Al Ahwani [email protected]