IGS Success Timeline

Helping energy, power, and industrial companies solve their most critical surface engineering-related problems.

Our story

  • 1995

    Taking the shop to the field

    Technology designed to perform high velocity thermal spray (HVTS) applications is invented and applied for Sasol in South Africa

  • 1999

    The HVTS innovation goes global

    Used extensively in Sasol and Chevron facilities, other Upstream Oil and Gas assets and Coal Power plants

  • 2000

    Fired heater solution identified

    First Cetek applications in the early 2000s saw process engineers report 4-10% efficiency increases

  • 2004

    Introducing: Clean Guarantee

    Operating conditions in the Downstream, Petrochem, Pulp & Paper, Waste to Energy and Biomass sectors called for alloy modifications

  • 2006

    Arduous conditions call for material development

    Hot-Tek offering is developed facilitating maintenance, inspection and cleaning services for fired heaters without the need to shut them down

  • 2008

    Some like it hot

    IGS now provides an environmental product offering, including LPA filtration, turning vanes and air cannons

  • 2010

    Extending our global reach

    300 service people and 200 HVTS systems available in 15 countries.

  • 2014

    New State-of-the-Art Technology Centre

    IGS opens a Research & Development facility in Richmond, USA, where work continues on material development and equipment innovations

  • 2016

    Hot vacuuming

    First application of Hot-Tek hot vacuuming delivered

  • 2019

    Millions in fired heater savings delivered

    Cetek process tube and refractory coatings continue to deliver savings for process engineers globally.

  • 2020

    Continued success bears fruit

    IGS high velocity alloy cladding business has grown exponentially leading to further investments in material research and project management

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