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In-situ corrosion protection

There are many different technologies that can be utilized to provide surface protection solutions for mission critical equipment. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be well understood by customers so they can make the best decision for their unique facility.  Most of the world’s largest energy and power companies partner with IGS to benefit from our unique technologies, industry experts and decades of experience to make better decisions on what technologies to use for their mission critical process equipment.

On-site applications provide a different set of challenges than those of shop applied solutions, as most shop technologies are not easily transferred into a challenging site environment. IGS excels at successful application of its proprietary and robust application technologies and materials in the field, and in the most difficult environments.  Integral to our success is a large, highly trained and experienced full time work force that can be deployed around the world at short notice to meet our customers’ needs.

Corrosion occurs in installed, brownfield, and other equipment in many different environments and industries. Finding a solution to protect this equipment is the best way to maximize ROI. Replacing equipment is a costly undertaking, requiring significant planning, man hours, and a full assessment of various factors such as lost generation time, new equipment, installation and breakdown costs. IGS believes that corrosion solutions need to be easily applied to existing equipment, before replacement becomes necessary. We have the technology and infrastructure to make this happen.

The Art of Thermal Spray Coating On-Site vs Shop

The majority of the global thermal spray market is primarily shop based where equipment and technology is designed for automated, clean and open workspaces. Working on-site is the opposite. You are often faced with confined spaces, dusty environments, and a manual workforce with equipment that needs to be robust enough to withstand the harsh environment. IGS equipment is specifically designed to operate in small confined spaces with 100% duty cycle for continued use during a customer’s turnaround. By far the biggest operational challenge for working in-situ is the workforce and rapid mobilization needs. IGS’s global infrastructure is optimized for this and is very important in our ability to respond to customers’ needs wherever in the world they may be. Our teams undergo industry leading training and certification to prepare them for working on some of the largest kraft mills, coal, and oil companies around the world in some of the harshest environments imaginable. Our teams are experts at working in confined spaces to address some of the most severe corrosion and erosion challenges.


IGS Environmental specializes in comprehensive cleaning solutions. We supply Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screens, Turning Vanes, Air Cannons, and Secondary Screens to a variety of industries and applications. By combining these products to work in unison, we are able to provide customized solutions with unmatched warranty protection.

Large Particle Ash (LPA) Filtration Systems

IGS designs, engineers, and manufactures the longest lasting large particle ash (LPA) filtration systems in the world. Typical filtration screens protecting catalysts within SCR systems have proven to be short-lived and unreliable, resulting in frequent clogging of catalyst with LPA (or “popcorn ash”), decreasing NOx reduction and performance. In contrast, IGS’s NoNOx Components™ patent-pending systems have been in service for years in some of the most aggressively run SCR systems in the world, having maximized catalyst maintenance cycles, reduced the likelihood of unplanned downtime, and significantly reduced the lifetime cost of SCR systems.

The NoNOx Components™ system features an optimized, custom-fit screen and support system design made with proprietary erosion-resistant materials that outperform any other commercially available LPA screen system. Additionally, IGS’s in-house engineering, flow modeling, and system design experience provide SCR systems designers and owners the opportunity to maximize their systems’ open area ratio (OAR), decrease pressure drop, conserve fan power consumption, and improve ash collection. With over 50 successful installations, the NoNOx Components™ system represents a complete, cost-effective turnkey procurement package for utilities and architectural and engineering firms worldwide.

Secondary Large Particle Ash (LPA) Filtration

Secondary LPA Screens are custom-designed separation systems that sit on top of catalyst modules. They provides superior catalyst protection, better air filtration, and enhanced cleaning performance of online cleaning devices. Unlike wire mesh, their smooth surface enables Air Cannons to clean at greater distance and increase the performance of Sonic Horns in eliminating more buildup. The Secondary Screen system is another IGS patent-pending technology. Many coal-fired SCRs are now installing Secondary Screens as original equipment to protect the operation and health of catalyst beds.

Turning Vanes

Turning Vanes provide a front-line defense against buildup by distributing flow evenly. They are required for many for many applications across several industries. All IGS Turning Vanes are custom-designed with CFD modeling and specifically installed to work in harmony with other cleaning devices. Our Custom Air Cannon Header enables us to keep Turning Vanes clean, even when access is limited.

Air Cannons

IGS Blue Air Cannons are blast aerators consisting of a compressed air reservoir with a unique quick opening valve that releases stored air in a sudden, high energy blast. This blast is directed through a discharge pipe to aerate and remove material buildup, and restore process flow.

In an IGS Blue Air Cannon, the air in the reservoir or tank passes directly into the discharge pipe without bends or obstruction in the air. This is important because the quicker the air discharges, the greater the velocity and force of the blast and the greater the amount of material affected.

When used in combination, multiple Blue Air Cannons can restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or millions of cubic feet of process flow. The air cannons can be activated manually, by stand alone controllers or distributed control systems, controlling the firing time interval and sequence of one or more air cannons.

IGS offers two lines of air cannons. The BAC series for general use, and the BAC H.O.T. series for high temperature applications.

Field Services

IGS Environmental offers a variety of Field Services, such as: turn-key installation service, installation supervision, site inspections, and product management programs. Our Filed Services ensure the equipment is installed, maintained and replaced properly. Customers who employ our equipment and Field Services are eligible for unmatched warranty protection.

Warranty Protection

When customers contract IGS to provide our solutions for cleaning systems, IGS ensures them with an aggressive warranty protection plan known as the IGS Clean Guarantee. It guarantees a standard of cleanliness and provides compensation if that standard is not met. This protection plane underscores our confidence in our specialized and comprehensive cleaning solutions.

Cetek has developed and introduced a wide range of online (while the heater is operating) services over the last four decades, targeted at high temperature production furnaces and equipment. Each project is approached with utmost safety in mind, ensuring that none of our people or equipment are compromised during the execution of the Hot-tek Services. Evaluation and engineering phases of each project determine the best operational approach and parameters will be set to achieve an optimal outcome, typically with no downtime.

Cetek is the industry leader in hot maintenance and repair techniques and hold multiple patents on the approach, methods and tools used to carry out these services, allowing us to customize our approach for every client’s needs. Often, multiple Hot-tek services are employed simultaneously during an application to achieve the best end result, with the most convenience for the client.

US Maintenance Services for Coal and Biomass Burning Boilers

US Maintenance Services for Coal and Biomass Burning Boilers
CFB Nozzle Repair

With decades of experience providing mechanical and refractory services in pulverized coal, CFB, and grate fired boilers in the US power industry, IGS had the knowledge to develop and implement the best boiler maintenance services for each individual client.

We understand the difference between providing technical expertise for long term solutions improving boiler capacity and efficiency and offering lesser repairs. IGS operate in strict compliance with ASME Section VIII and IX, our stringent Quality Control plan, and customer specific requirements. We provide welding per our MIG, TIG, GMAW, and SMAW weld procedures. Our field service teams are non-union, which provides a more self-sufficiency which leads to a more efficient and lower cost model for our customers. Our maintenance services include metal spray coatings for life extension of the boiler, in addition to mechanical and refractory services.

IGS understands the dynamics of working in an outage, where every minute saved means less costs to the owner and have developed both our US based and our global infrastructure to meet all of our clients’ needs.

We Are Maintenance and Refractory Services Specialists

The power industry in the United States has undergone a dramatic change, with many plant closings putting more operational pressure on the remaining coal and biomass burning boilers. Outage cycles have been extended in order to reduce annual maintenance costs and maximize revenue. Premature boiler failures causing forced outages must be avoided in order to ensure maximum capacity and availability.

In terms of mechanical services in CFB boilers, IGS has successfully performed many replacements of vortex finders, including the refractory services. We supply and install the vortex finder during critical outage time due to the knowledge and expertise of our project managers and technicians. We have also developed and installed a new block nozzle design in lieu of the existing arrowhead design for longer life due to reduced plugage. IGS also supplies a number of other services in CFB units such panel replacement, welding and grinding, loop seal replacement, and tube shield work.

PC-Fired Boiler Repair

In PC-fired units, IGS has superior expertise in the backend of power plants in SDA chambers and SCR units. We have the capability to make metal repairs to the SDA chambers, and apply our metalspray coatings to extend the life of the carbon steel. We have successfully performed these services for many utilities, including Basin Electric Antelope Valley Station and for Edgecombe Genco.

In terms of the SCR, IGS has services for improved performance and extended catalyst life. IGS can supply and install specially designed LPA screens upstream from the catalyst to protect against Large Particle Ash, and secondary screens over the catalyst for additional protection. IGS also provides expertise in removing catalyst layers and installing new layers in the SCR. We have performed numerous catalyst installation projects within the critical path outage schedule and within budget

IGS Experience in Boiler Maintenance

IGS’s specialized boiler maintenance service team includes project managers, superintendents, foreman, safety managers, certified welders, mechanics, refractory technicians, metal spray technicians, and support labor to successfully complete any project in the United States. Significant investment has been made in equipment to ensure our ability to complete multiple projects at the same time, better meeting our client’s schedules. We have performed maintenance services in Alstom, Pyropower, B&W, and Valmet boilers, both during new construction and after startup. IGS has a true industrial platform of service offerings to the power market, including improved materials and specifications for every client situation and environment.

Optimized Solutions for Boiler Repair

Over the past decade, we have leveraged our metal spray, mechanical, and refractory experience and knowledge to develop a customer focused team for commercial ease of use, with an onsite project manager coordinating communications and scheduling, and with reliable and predictable performance in terms of budgets and schedules. Customers who view reliability and dependability of their boilers as mission critical to their revenue generation will experience the economic benefit of the IGS approach for maximum boiler reliability.  IGS offers a turnkey approach for our metal spray, mechanical, and refractory maintenance services to our customers base in the United States.