Black Liquor Recovery Boilers Onsite Corrosion Resistant Cladding BLRB

Black Liquor Recovery Boilers

Metal Spray Cladding for Black Liquor Recovery Boilers (BLRBs)

IGS has decades of experience providing corrosion protection for carbon steel boiler tubes found in BLRBs. Common areas where our technology mitigates corrosion from high-temperature sulfidation attacks with our Metalspray Cladding Systems:

  • WaterWall Tubes
  • Nose Arch Tubes
  • Superheaters Tubes

At IGS, we couple our technical expertise and our application experience together to ensure our customers receive long term, reliable solutions, which increase their Recovery Boiler Reliability from a corrosion mitigation perspective. Our execution teams understand the dynamics of working in an outage environment and we recognize our customers need to meet their critical path maintenance schedules. IGS strives to deliver HVTS metal spray Cladding Systems on time, with the highest quality and safely standards in the industry.

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BLRB Boiler Safety Considerations

We have designed our Metalspray Cladding Systems to protect the WaterWall Tube of Black Liquor Recovery Boilers from general loss of wall thickness from the fireside of the furnace. With enhanced corrosion protection our customers introduce a corrosion protection factor onto their boiler tubes. A loss of tube thickness could result in the potential for a pin hole to develop in a boiler tube, which could create a boiler tube leak. The result being the mill would go into an Emergency Shutdown Procedure (ESP) which can have a significant impact on personnel safety if a smelt/water reaction were to take place.

IGS Experience Field 

IGS has over the 35 years of experience working in the Pulp & Paper Industry. Over the past 35 years we have provided our Metalspray Cladding Services to many of the leading Pulp & Paper Companies around the globe. Our team of experienced project managers, superintendents, foremen, safety managers, and HVTS technicians ensures that IGS is always ready to deliver high quality in situ Metalspray Cladding applications, anytime and anywhere. Because we are a global company, we do not rely on increasing our pool of technicians with part-time help in the spring and fall busy periods, and then reducing our pool of technicians in the winter and summer. It is always BLRB outage season somewhere around the globe, so we maintain a strong experienced workforce year around.

IGS Corrosion Resistant Coating for BLRB
Micrograph of IGS Corrosion Resistant Coating for BLRB

IGS Cladding Shop

IGS also has a state-of-the-art shop facility where we can process new replacement waterwall boiler tube panels. In this shop we apply our Metal Spray Cladding with automation to the new waterwall panels. After coating, the panels are being delivered to site and installed for service. This option allows our customers to design in long term corrosion protection solutions. HVTS Cladding enhances the corrosion protection factor of the carbon steel tubes and extends their run time considerably.

IGS Cladding Technology 

Our core technology is the IGS High-Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) metal alloy cladding system. We utilize HVTS  to provide a field installed CRA to mitigate corrosion in BLRB process environments. Our HVTS cladding systems typically utilize modified super alloys with proven performance in high-temp conditions. We provide a protective layer on the fireside of black liquor recovery boiler tubes, digesters, and flash tanks.

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