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Popcorn Ash “Plugging” Catalyst Replacement Models

Coal-fired power generating stations are increasingly aware of popcorn ash “plugging” their SCR catalysts, and thus, their catalyst lifecycle replacement models as well. Although experts from SCR catalyst manufacturers rarely predict significant plugging of the catalyst face from LPA or...

Mar 11, 2014

Combined On-Site HVTS and Overlay Protects PC-Fired Boiler

Recently, IGS provided surface protection for a large utility with a 265 MW CE coal-fired boiler with Low Nox Burners and SOFA. The varying wastage rates in the different areas of the boiler, mix of erosion and corrosion issues, and...

Mar 11, 2014

Automated Pulse-Mig Overlay Protects Boiler Nose Arch

IGS recently performed automated weld overlay on the nose arch of a large power utility’s Units 1 & 2, 640mw Foster Wheeler boilers. Unit 1 was accomplished in the fall. The quality of the work was at a level that...

Mar 11, 2014