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On-Site Metalspray and Mechanical Services Protect CFB Boilers

An independent power plant operates two CFB boilers that suffer from severe erosion due to the bed ash contacting the tubes. The boilers burn waste coal with a low BTU value and high ash loading. The ash used at the facility is also particularly hard and sharp, making it quite erosive. IGS has successfully protected these boilers at this facility since installation, with two milestones particularly improving facility performance:

The use of the Company’s proprietary UTEx 1-014 coating system to protect the boiler tubes from erosion. This material has higher erosion resistance than any other material applicable to these conditions. The erosion in the boiler is most severe directly above the refractory line. Other materials had been used with limited success. Forced outage frequency started to decrease as more area was protected with 1-014. Reliable six month run times then became possible.

Later, the plant replaced the local welding contractor with the IGS mechanical welders, who understand what is critical in CFB tube preparation. IGS employed a full time Project Manager to manage these disciplines, along with the NDE and balance of plant mechanical services. The result was transitioning the plant to a 12 month, and now presently an 18 month, planned outage cycle, a very unique run time for this type of facility burning waste coal.

IGS has provided this customer with a long term warranty program though which we share the burden of any forced outage and further aligns us with the customer.