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A Turning Point in Turnarounds

In the FEED stage, plants are designed to provide a minimum operating life (design life). However, in-service conditions rarely match the FEED parameters. Plants operate well beyond their original design life and challenges in vessel or boiler fabrication, design, and process operation typically lead to higher internal corrosion rates than anticipated. This introduces the requirement for maintenance, repairs, or replacement of process equipment to prevent loss of containment, maintain asset integrity, and process operation.

Corrosion Resistant Alloy

An internal metal alloy upgrade with a highly Corrosion Resistant Alloy will provide a long-life corrosion barrier to stop internal corrosion and wastage of the pressure boundary, enabling asset life extension, increased uptime, and reduced maintenance.

Weld Overlay Challenges

High nobility CRA alloys can be applied by Weld Overlay techniques. However, this technique presents many challenges in the field, such as the application time, creation of a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), need for Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), and vessel distortion. A more economical and cost-effective solution is applying high nobility CRA alloys with thermal spray.

Innovations in Thermal Spray

Recent innovations in field thermal spray applications and material science have led to the development of high velocity alloy cladding. Applied using high velocity thermal spray process, this cladding produces a robust barrier with a tightly packed material microstructure. The alloy cladding itself is based on the carefully selected combination of metals, which will not oxidise in flight and can withstand any pressures and temperatures well in excess of 200C.

Underhall, Sweden

As a result, a carbon steel structure can benefit from the performance of an expensive noble alloy. This innovative approach to mission critical equipment maintenance has now been adopted by major Oil and Gas, Power, Pulp and Paper, as well as Mining companies across the globe. More recently, high velocity alloy cladding will be showcased at Underhall, Sweden.

IGS maintenance expert in Sweden, Soren Stutin, said: “In recent years, we have successfully completed many projects in Scandinavia, solving problems, which have previously seemed unsolvable. We have effectively helped our clients reduce turnaround times and extend their intervals.” Soren will be showcasing IGS solutions at Underhall, stand B08:71.

Technical Workshop: Corrosion Mitigation in Boilers, Process Vessels, Towers and Columns

During Underhall, we will also deliver a workshop in the evening of March 10th at the Svenska Massan. Click here to see the agenda and express your interest in attending the workshop before the 1st of February. Please note that spaces are limited. To register your interest, please contact