Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) Coating

Ceramic-on-Boiler-Tube-Boiler-DeslaggingThermal spray aluminum (TSA) coating has been used successfully to protect the exterior of process vessels, tanks, and other equipment in onshore and offshore oil and gas rigs, processing plants, and other facilities in the oil and gas, petrochemical/refining, paper, and other process industries.   The carbon steel exterior shell of many of these units operates in a cyclic environment, with ambient temperatures as high as 350 degrees F and often in contact with wet insulation.

IGS’ UTEx 5-312 aluminum wire material is a solution to this problem when applied with our proprietary high velocity arc spray (HVAS) process.  This process is preferred over traditional twin wire arc spray due to its lower permeability and finer oxide bands for longer coating life. Our UTEx 6-003M sealer is also recommended to be applied over the aluminum to seal any surface microcracks.  Finally, because IGS is the global leader in on-site applications of protective cladding inside critical processing units during turnarounds, we can outperform other TSA providers who are more focused on less intensive disciplines, such as painting and blasting exterior surfaces.