Pioneers of Onsite Thermal Spray

Metal wastage from erosion and corrosion can lead to expensive unscheduled downtime, costly repair or replacement of equipment, and potentially unsafe working conditions. With over 30 years experience and several million square feet of successful applications worldwide, IGS is the preeminent, most experienced provider of onsite and in-shop erosion- and corrosion-resistant thermal spray coatings in the world. The Company’s unmatched experience and continuous devotion to research and development has led the industry’s advancements in materials, application processes, and jobsite execution standards. IGS uses highly advanced High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) and High Velocity Arc Spray (HVAS)equipment and proprietary UTEx™ Materials customized to the attacking environment. Consequently, IGS can deliver erosion and corrosion resistant coatings that resist wastage, cracking, and delamination in areas where other thermal spray coatings have failed. The result is extended run time, increased reliability, longer service life, and greater return on investment of mission critical equipment.