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Refractory linings are an integral part of a boiler.  These lining were designed to withstand high temperatures and protect critical boiler components.  Routine inspections, repairs, and scheduled replacements of refractory will help reduce erosion on boiler tubes, burners, ash coolers, and other boiler components.  Our team has over 35 years of experience in both inspection and maintenance of refractory linings within the boiler industry.

We specialize in circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB) repair and maintenance (link to equipment page).  These types of boilers can burn a variety of low BTU, high ash, fuels, i.e. waste coal, biomass, and blends.  The lack of proper maintenance and installation of the refractory lining within a CFB boiler could cause unscheduled downtime and require replacement.

IGS’s refractory repair service personnel have extensive CFB boiler refractory experience. Our Supervisors are qualified for the inspection and installation of refractory materials that are specifically tailored for CFB applications and processes. Our crews are experienced in the application of refractory castables, pumpables, insulating refractories, plastics, gun mixes, and shot-Crete.