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Digester Maintenance

Digesters in kraft mills in the pulp and paper industry are integral to the paper making process and are where the pulp is broken down to begin the transformation from wood to paper end product. Whether it is a batch digester or continuous digester, the effects of the white and black liquor contained in the process create a corrosion that attacks the internal vessel walls. Carbon steel wastage is the result and must be addressed during the annual digester maintenance outages that are mandated by the pulp and paper companies’ insurance carrier.

Integrated Global Services provides digester maintenance for the industry with an offering of both general mechanical services and protective metal cladding to address the problem of digester wastage. The Company’s “R” stamp in accordance with Section IX of the ASME code enables IGS to make weld repairs to the pressure boundaries in digesters, and pad welding is performed on the shell, dome or cone as well as nozzle repair or replacement.

Additionally, as surface protection experts, IGS provides a turnkey coating solution that includes scaffolding the digester, marking the digester for inspection, and the application of either Metalspray or Weld Overlay to protect and extend the life of the digester shell, cone, and dome against continued corrosion.  Typically, long term warranties are offered which include an annual inspection and repairs at no charge to the mill.