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Air Cannons

IGS Blue Air Cannons are blast aerators consisting of a compressed air reservoir with a quick opening valve that releases the stored air in a sudden, high energy blast. This blast is directed througha discharge pipe to aerate and remove material buildup, and restore process flow.

In an IGS Blue Air Cannon, the air in the reservoir or tank passes directly into the discharge pipe without bends or obstruction in the air. This is important because the quicker the air discharges, the greater the velocity and force of the blast and therefore the greater the amount of material affected.

When used in combination, multiple Blue Air Cannons can restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or millions of cubic feet of material. The air cannons can be activated manually or by stand alone controller which can control the firing time interval and sequence of one or more air cannons.

IGS offers two lines of air cannons. The BAC series for general use, and the BAC H.O.T. series for high temperature applications.