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On-Site Metalspray Protects Recovery and Power Boilers at a Pulp Mill

IGS was asked to help a US pulp mill solve problems of metal wastage from high temperature sulfidation corrosion in their black liquor recovery boiler. We applied 300 µ m (0.012″) of proprietary nickel chrome material on the bottom 6 meters (20 feet) of the unit with an automated spray system and guaranteed the coating’s performance with a seven year warranty with annual inspections. Each year, we have verified the coating thickness with our Systematic Electronic Evaluation (SEE), which provides our customers with protection assurance and a SEE report that illustrates the coating thickness on every tube at one-foot intervals.

For six years, the coating lost no thickness at all, with any small repairs completed in less than a single shift as part of the plant’s annual shutdown. After twelve years (five years beyond our warranty), additional coating was applied to the boiler for wastage at a higher elevation, which will protect the tubes from corrosion far into the future.

When the coating does eventually wear out, IGS can reapply new coating, resulting in peace of mind for the mill’s operators and a practical means of extending the boiler’s life indefinitely. Additionally, IGS has applied a customized chromium carbide material to the mill’s power boiler, which has an equally strong track record of over ten years of proven performance.