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Batch and Continuous Digesters

IGS is one of the most experienced contractors in abating corrosion in digesters and the only contractor in the world which can install genuine DiArc 360™ Metalspray™ and Automated Weld Overlay in kraft pulp digesters. For equipment life extension of 7-15 years and significant long term warranties, IGS offers the DiArc 360™, the only thermalspray solution available with a long history of success in both batch and continuous digesters. For another alternative or more severe problems, IGS applies weld overlay with 309 and 312 stainless steel for digester protection along weld lines and areas with high general corrosion. The Company’s pulsed GMAW automation process produces less heat affected zone than sub-arc processes and reduces subsequent galvanic corrosion. The application of Metalspray at the transition from weld overlay to base metal eliminates any galvanic corrosion due to the absence of a heat affected zone and the low electro-potential generated by the process. In order to install protective coatings to digesters, a contractor must be able to perform welding and general mechanical service. The Company’s Mechanical Service group restores the vessel to code-required standards and performs ancillary work such as screen and block replacement. IGS supplies its own scaffolding for batch digester applications for a turnkey operation.