IGS High Emissivity Composite Coatings improve the operational capabilities and thermal efficiencies for refinery process furnaces

Integrated Global Services (IGS) has over twenty years of delivering complex Oil & Gas corrosion protection services with High-Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) metal alloy coatings to mitigate corrosion and/or erosion.   IGS’ Tech Solutions group is at the forefront of development of these surface treatment options to our clients along with further development of High Emissivity (HE) Composite Coating materials to eliminate oxide formation on process tubing.  Over the past two years the IGS Tech Solutions group has been developing and further enhancing the HE Composite Coatings in our product portfolio, so as to be utilized on process tubes and refractory linings. IGS installs the HE Composite Coatings on site during shutdown or can be shop applied.

Process Tube HE Composite Coatings — IGS process tube HE Composite Coatings are an advanced proprietary system specifically engineered for application onto process tubes and heat exchanging surfaces.  The system is designed to increase the heat transfer ability of the tubes by eliminating insulating oxide scale formation and increase the emissivity of the tube from ~0.7 to 0.93.

  • Prevent Oxidation and Carburization
  • Eliminate insulating oxide scale
  • Increase throughput capacity
  • Decrease fuel input


Figure 1: IGS HE Composite Coating installed on process tube and refractory in Crude Heater Unit

Refractory HE Composite Coatings — Specifically engineered for application onto refractory and ceramic fiber contained within Fired Heaters.  This proprietary system reduces energy consumption by increasing the emissivity of the applied surface from ~0.4 to 0.93.  The shock resistance property in the coating protects the surface from flame impingement and provides stiffness to the fiber, thereby increasing the service life of the refractory and eliminating fouling of the surface.

  • Eliminates refractory dusting by encapsulating the surface and prevents the refractory matter from collecting in the convection banks
  • Extend the refractory service life


Figure 2: IGS HE Composite Coating installed on refractory fiber modules

Typical Fired Heater Applications:

  • Catalytic Reformers
  • Vacuum Furnace
  • Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCR)


More information on our global service capabilities, along with details on how to contact IGS personnel who can support your needs, refer to the IGS Thermal Solutions Team at: IGSThermal@integratedglobal.com


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