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Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boilers

IGS is the pioneer in the development and commercialization of industry-standard protective coatings for the erosive and/or corrosive CFB environment. Our company has considerable experience applying Metalspray™ and Automated Weld Overlay in coal-fired, biomass, and culm-fired units around the world. Typical CFB boiler applications have included water wall tubes, superheater pendants and tubes, economizer tubes, omega panels, and in-shop panels. The Mechanical Services group often provides complementary restoration services in the combustor, cyclones, and balance of plant for CFB facilities, including the repair and replacement of water-wall panels, boiler tubes, tube shields, balance of plant maintenance. IGS also performs a host of other disciplines in these units, including inspection services, hole watch, scaffolding, vacuum services, and composite labor crew.