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Boiler Tube Welding

Ceramic-on-Boiler-Tube-Boiler-DeslaggingBoiler tube welding is an important maintenance practice in the refurbishment of all types of boilers. Boiler tubes are subject to various types of fireside corrosion and erosion, and weld metal must be added to return the minimum wall tube thickness back to above the minimum allowed by code.

Integrated Global Services has the capability to assist plants that require boiler tube welding during outages. IGS maintains a welding program in accordance with Section IX of the ASME code and an “R” stamp necessary for boiler tube repairs. All proper welding procedures and welder certifications are properly maintained both at our home office and on each job site. All pressure part work on each project is inspected by an authorized inspector.

IGS has experience in both boiler tube replacement and pad welding primarily in the power industry in pulverized coal, waste to energy, and circulating fluidized bed boilers. We utilize stick, MIG, and TIG processes when making welds. We are especially focused on pad welding gouged or eroded tubes in circulating fluidized bed boilers to return them to an “as new” smooth condition to eliminate the risk of continued gouging due to weld discontinuities.