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Tube-Coat Services: Boiler Tube Coatings

Ce-Coat Services have been in use since the early 1990’s in various industries around the world, providing various benefits to a wide range of customers. The power generation segment of Cetek’s business has also proven to provide significant results.

In 2003, Cetek began offering the power industry Inspection Service and Hot Refractory Repair services. As a result, Cetek identified a need for a unique solution to solve slagging and corrosion problems in Coal-Fired Boilers. In 2005, Cetek installed their first applications of Ceramic Coating in power plants with positive results. Since then, Cetek has completed many successful projects leading to repeat business in sister units and facilities within our current markets.

In 2007, Cetek introduced the first Chemical Set Ceramic Coating to the power generation market. This coating was intended to solve issues of low temperature curing in sub-critical boilers as well as increase the corrosion protection of the coating. This coating also has the unique ability to be applied at any time during an outage as it is impermeable to low pressure water damage before thermal curing.

Cetek’s Ce-Coat Services have demonstrated the following benefits in the Power Generation Industry across a wide variety of coal types and boiler designs.

  • Slag Reduction Benefits
    • Improve heat transfer
    • Minimize thermal cycling
    • Minimize soot blowing
    • Lower FEGT
    • Improves heat rate
    • Lowers NOx
    • Increases efficiency
  • Corrosion minimizing benefits
    • Extend tube life
    • Decrease tube leaks
    • Reduces maintenance costs
    • Increases asset life
    • Increases reliability
    • Decreases forced outages