Fossil Power Generation: Hot Refractory Repair

Cetek has more than 30 years of experience in repairing high temperature furnaces of all designs while the units are in operation. We have solutions for all designs of boilers from positive to negative pressures. Our unique solution also works at various temperature ranges exceeding 2900°F (1600°C).

  • Performed at operating temperature
  • Eliminates time needed for heat up/cool down time
  • Maximizes production
  • Restores structural integrity of refractory
  • Allows unit to return to full load
  • Reduces safety hazards

Since Cetek has entered the Power Generation Industry, we have solved many customer problems with our unique repair methods. Sealing casing leaks and repairing damaged ash hoppers are two examples of some of the challenging problems we have addressed.

Cetek’s LancescopeTM camera inspection system can be used during the repair process for “up close” viewing of hard to access repair areas.