Focus on Safety

At Cetek, Safety First is a core value of our culture, and we are dedicated to protecting the safety and health of all those associated with our company.

Our safety program is a comprehensive prevention plan that considers all aspects of the work environment to ensure optimal safety performance. As a result, we have one of the lowest incident and EMR rates in industry. We accomplish this by instilling the value of personal safety in all of our personnel, beginning with an intense and comprehensive orientation program, then by reinforcing our safety program on a daily basis and maintaining focus with structured training, review and feedback sessions.

Our orientation process encompasses safety and operational readiness training over a 5-day initial indoctrination, then continues with our use of an operational mentoring system to continue to foster learning and safe behavior as an individual acclimates to working with Cetek. In addition to classroom instruction on the rules and tools to help them safely succeed, there is a system of testing including written, oral and practical exams to demonstrate competence.