Product Development

Cetek has more than 4 decades of experience in developing innovative cost-effective solutions that increase process efficiency and extend asset life in the petroleum refining, chemical processing, fossil power generation and steel industries. Cetek’s unique turnkey approach includes the development of coatings, evaluation of application benefit, the application process and post-evaluation.

Some Cetek developments include:

  • Over 25 formulations of Ceramic Coatings for process tubes and refractory surfaces developed by Cetek in multiple industries and applications for exclusive use by Cetek
  • Dual Emissivity Coatings System patented technology that shields refining fired heater process tubes from excessive heat flux
  • Chemical Set Coatings proprietary technology that allows lower curing temperatures with more application flexibility due to the chemical catalyzed curing process.
  • LancescopeTM Inspection system utilized across a broad range of industries to monitor, report and verify real time operating conditions inside the unit up to 3000° F. 
  • Hot Tube Descaling cleans process tubes in many types of fired heaters while the unit is in operation
  • Hot Convection Cleaning cleans convection banks without heater shutdown
  • Hot Fiber Spray online repairs of ceramic fiber refractories

Cetek has an experienced staff of metallurgists, engineers, and chemists to ensure consistent quality materials are delivered to our customers from the development of the coatings to the post-application project follow up. Our experience with coating applications is unmatched from the design of the application through to the execution, as Cetek holds many patents including specific patents based around heat flux manipulation of heaters.

Our technology, culture and experience are the reasons why Cetek is the pioneer and market leader in the ceramic coating industry.