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Cetek: The Market Leader in Coating & Hot Repair Service Technologies

Cetek’s unique technologies provide significant benefits in process heaters in the refining and chemical processing industries, boilers in the fossil power generation industry, and annealing and reheat furnaces in the steel industry. These benefits include fuel savings and/or capacity increases, emissions reduction and a rapid return on investment.

Cetek is the market leader in:

Technology Depth: Cetek has more than 40 years of experience in developing unique cost-effective solutions that increase process efficiency and extend asset life.

Innovation in Product Development – We continually develop and patent new materials and investigate leading edge applications.

Engineering Expertise – Cetek’s well-respected engineering department has extensive industry knowledge and are viewed as experts in the industry.Cetek provides a unique fired heater analysis before each coating application, which provides an estimate of the expected efficiency, environmental and asset life benefits to be realized as a result of the application. Cetek works with multiple OEMs serving our industries to further enhance unit reliability, safety and operating efficiency.

Environmental Impact – Cetek’s technologies provide environmental benefits in the form of NOx, CO2 and other related emission reductions.

Efficiency – Cetek coatings have provided energy savings or increased capacity to maximize our clients’ profitability.

Emissivity – Cetek has developed multiple coatings with high and low emissivity properties to manipulate heat flux in fired heaters resulting in increased heat transfer and efficiency.

Application Expertise – Cetek exclusively uses their own application technicians to ensure product quality is maintained at the highest possible levels.

Safety – Cetek’s excellent Safety record is a result of a superior comprehensive safety program.