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Research and development have been critical to IGS for over 30 years. IGS’s fully equipped Applied Science Technology Center enables the Company to perform rigorous failure analysis and ongoing development of new materials and application technologies for use across a range of equipment, industry, geography, and operating conditions. IGS’ engineers use internal and external resources to conduct research and development. The Technology Center has partnered with many universities, research institutes and customers worldwide in studies investigating surface protection related to new and emerging technologies in power generation and other processing industries.


  • Qualified physical inspection and customer dialogue (discovery)
  • Failure analysis in Alstom certified laboratory
  • High temperature erosion testing
  • Largest database of high temperature boiler erosion test results in the world
  • Extensive bed and fly ash samples from over 1,000 plants across 5 continents
  • LPA samples from ~50% of global SCRs
  • Vickers micro hardness testing
  • Scanning electron and stereo microscopes
  • Energy dispersive spectography
  • Mitutoyo surface profilimeter
  • Electron diffraction spectrometer
  • Electro-chemical and high temperature corrosion testing


  • Development of customized materials
  • Design and manufacture of proprietary alloy application equipment
  • Continuous improvements to metalspray and weld overlay automation equipment
  • Extended life component design (CAD, CFD and electro-mechanical design)
  • Weld procedure development
  • On-site application simulation in test booth