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Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of natural resources and the health of our planet. IGS recognizes its responsibility as a global company and is fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of the work we do and the technologies we provide. We believe that preserving resources and increasing efficiency will be keys to long term success across all industries going forward. In this sense, we are totally committed to supporting our customers with the most up to date and efficient technologies and environmental solutions. Many of IGS’s products and services play critical roles in our customers’ emissions reduction and control systems. Additionally, our maintenance solutions enable the efficient usage and extend the production lives of power generation equipment involving renewable feedstock and reduced emissions. IGS is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our production processes, whether they are on-site at our customers’ locations or at one of our facilities. With our portfolio of products and services, we can help you achieve continuous improvement in performance, emissions impacts, and fully comply with increasingly strict laws and regulations.